XL for the past few months has been focused on "tough questions" and we've had some really wonderful conversations. We've talked through questions like, Does God discriminate against women? Is Jesus the only way to God? Can I be a Christian and believe in evolution? and more. It's been great, but it's time to open up the floodgates.

I want to know what kinds of questions you have! We'll spend time at our next XL, May 15 (no XL on May 8... spend time with your mothers!), going through the questions that you have, and talking through them from a Biblical point of view. 

Have questions about a particular story or theme in the Bible? Wonder what the Bible says about something? Did your crazy uncle say something that's making you think? Let's talk about it at XL!

You can email or text me your questions, or fill out the form bellow anonymously. Remember, XL is a safe, judgement-free zone where we can enter into conversation together. I'm excited have more great conversations!

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