We leave for CHIC in just about a week. How crazy is that! Here are some details that you need to be aware of.

First, make sure you're up to date on our travel plans and have taken a good long look at the packing list. Everyone is only allowed one checked bag, under 50 pounds, so please be aware as you're packing.


We need to be packed and ready to leave the church by 7:00am on Saturday, July 11. Please plan on arriving at church before 7 so we can arrange bags in the cars. We will also have a short meeting before we leave church to get us all on the same page for our day of travel.

You need to wear your CHIC t-shirt for the days of travel! Dig those out of your closets or off the floor and find them now so they're ready to go. If you joined our group after we handed those out, I have some extras for you (though they may not be in your size...). If you cannot find your shirt, talk to me as soon as possible.

To get our tickets and get through security at the airport: If you are under 18, bring your student ID from school. If you don't have a student ID, you'll be okay without it, but it's better to have an ID than not. If you are over 18, you need a government issued ID, like a driver's license, to get through security. Leaders, this does include us.

Meals and money

During the week of CHIC, all meals will be covered in the cafeteria. However, we do have four meals that will not be covered, so we all need to bring extra money for those meals. We're anticipating about $10 per meal, so $50 would be safest. There will also be opportunities for purchasing CHIC stuff, as well as a wonderful chance to donate money toward clean water in India. Keep that offering in mind throughout the week.

All told, we recommend coming with $100 spending money for the week. Each student will be responsible for his or her own money! The leaders will help the students to remember the trip back home and the offering at the end of the week.

Following along from home

Parents, we've set up a special page on the website for you to follow our adventures! Head to to keep up with all the action!

I will have my cell phone on me the whole week, and I would be happy to give you my number in case of emergencies. Send me an email or talk to me on the 11th if you would like it. Students will be allowed to have their phones on them during the week, but they'll be occupied and engaged for the majority of the time and will be encouraged to not use their phones a whole lot.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have. I'm really looking forward to CHIC!