Our trip to and from Tennessee will happen in a few stages. We're meeting here at church early on Saturday, July 11th, to drive up to Boston, to fly down to Atlanta, and then take a bus up to the University of Tennessee. We'll be flying Southwest, on these flights:

July 11, 2015-   Flight number 2373 from Boston to Atlanta -     11:45am-2:30pm nonstop

July 17, 2015-   Flight number 294 from Atlanta to Boston-         1:45pm- 4:20pm nonstop

We need help driving up to the airport on the 11th and picking up on the 17th. Let me know if you can help drive (if you haven't already talked to Carin about it).

We will plan on buying lunch at the airport before we get on the plane, both ways. Make sure you (or your student) have extra cash for food. 

Make sure you read up on our packing list as you get ready! And be sure to follow along with all our adventures!