Excursions are an awesome part of our CHIC experience. We're heading out a day early just so we can have time together experiencing something we're not going to find anywhere else. These Excursions give us a chance to bond as a group and see some awesome sights. We'll look back on these shared memories for years to come!

In addition to excursions, there are also some wonderful volunteer options. These opportunities are for us to serve God and the community around Knoxville, TN, while we are there to worship. It's a great chance to expand our CHIC experience beyond the campus and beyond ourselves.

The time to sign up is now! So, if you're going to CHIC (or your student is), please fill out the form bellow, or click on this link to open it in another window. We need responses by Saturday, March 28th! Spots fill up fast, so we need to get registered as soon as possible. Please contact me if you have any questions!

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