Belong. Believe. Become. 

 That's what WinterBlast was all about. We learned about how Jesus, whenever he meets anyone, first makes sure that they know they Belong with him and his family, and then helps them to Believe and Become all that God has in mind for them.

So we spent a lot of time at this year's winter retreat just being together! And, oh man, it was a ton of fun.

Our students got to help lead some songs, Squanto-style. We played some really intense ping-pong, won some awesome prizes in the up-front games (including a Wii U!), and played a couple great games of Spoons (or 'Bursts, cause we had plenty of starbursts and zero spoons).

And, yes, some students were thrown into the snow. And, yes, they did get their revenge.


During the day on Saturday, we had a couple different teams participate in a cardboard sled race. All our teams did awesome! One of the boy's teams even won an award for "Shortest Journey!" 

Our broomball team did outstanding this year! We won the whole tournament, bringing home the "Golden Broom" for the first time in many, many years, where it will stay for many, many more years, I'm sure. Way to go!


After braving the snow and the cold on the drives up to and back from Pilgrim Pines, we really did bond together as a group. There is a definite feeling of "belonging." It was a privilege to show off our camp, Pilgrim Pines, to some students who had never been up there before. It was a joy to spend time with such amazing middle school students as these!

Special thanks go to Joy and Jared, who volunteered their time to spend the weekend with our students. They're amazing!

I'm already looking forward to next year. Till then, here's a brief video with some highlights of the time:

[vimeo 120060015 w=960 h=540]